Day 10 - Create Everyday for 365 days Proje

Only 355 days more to go! 

I think this keychain turned out even prettier than I expected! 

I am pretty sure I have the best mother in the universe so it was easy to come up with words to inscribe onto this piece! " COMFORT, SUPPORT, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, TEACHER, LISTENER, MOTHER, STRONG, SELFLESS, FRIEND, HERO, HOME" I hand cut it out of sterling silver. Hand stamped each letter and design individually with a hammer. Then soldered a pretty little handcut copper heart  & lastly drilled a hole in the top so it can be used as a keychain or a necklace pendant. 



Aaron Torres

My teacher used to say that if it’s the work of construction then try not to delay it. So the same goes here as the top edu services also says that it’s the best time for such construction so instead of holding back you should complete this project.

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