Day 3 - Create Everyday for 365 days Project

Only 2 days into the project and I already forgot to post what I made yesterday on Day 3! I guess the important thing is that I did create something new yesterday. And so far this project has been really help me focus on new designs.

I decided to focus on Mother's yesterday because Mother's Day is coming up soon and feel like of all the holidays it is one of the most important to really give a gift thoughtful gift! I made 2 new necklace and sketched quite a few other ideas! 

Day 2 - Create Everyday for 365 days Project

Yay I am on Day 2 of this project and already feeling more inspired! Today I played around with watercolor a bit and wrote one of my favorite quotes on it after it dried, "Tomorrow is made of what you dream up today..." I think I will hang it up in my studio! 

Day 1 - Create Everyday for 365 days Project

I have been inspired by my awesome friend Brooke Anderson who just happens to be an amazing photographer and artist. To challenge myself to do a 365 day project. I have been fulfilling a lot of orders of designs I have already come up with and would like this project to give me motivation to create NEW art even when it seems there is only enough time to fulfill orders. So I am calling it a "Create Everyday Challenge".

Collage Ring Inspiration

I am so excited about my new Collage Ring. It is so different than my other pieces and I think I just might design a whole Collage Collection. 

Gemstone Art - Oil Paintings

Two of my favorite things are gemstones and oil paintings! Can you believe these pictures are not a photo?

Celebrate Pi Day with this new tie bar made just for the occasion!

Across the country, math geeks in museums, schools, privat

Introducing a New Collection - Enameled color tie bars!

 Whenever I am looking for inspiration, (which is pretty much always!;)  I have found the best place to find it is at a bookstore! I found an awesome bookstore a few weeks ago that I fell in love with! So cozy with 2 cafes and an adorable gift shop attached to it! They had new and used books.

*New* Herkimer and Argentium Sterling Silver Ring - Size 7

I just finished making this beautiful ring today! It is the first of it's kind in my collection. I love Herkimer Diamonds, they are so pretty and unique. I chose a prong setting to show off the lovely cut. I made the band out of high quality recycled Argentium Sterling Silver which never tarnishes!

Special Requests

A couple customers recently really warmed my heart with their special inscription requests. Both were mothers that wanted to gift a custom bracelet. Enjoy :) 

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